Chapter 88. Cataloging in the Web Client

Table of Contents

MARC Tag-table Service

Cataloguers should use this part for understanding the cataloguing procedures used in Evergreen.

MARC Tag-table Service

The tag tables for the web staff client MARC editor are now stored in the database rather than a separate XML tooltips file as used by the XUL MARC editor. The tag-table service, which is part of the web staff client sprint 2 preview in this release, has the following features:

  • specifies whether (sub)fields are optional or mandatory
  • specifies whether (sub)fields are repeatable or not
  • a coded value map can be associated with a subfield to establish a controlled vocabulary for that subfield
  • MARC field and subfield definitions can be overridden by institutions further down in the organizational unit hierarchy. This allows, for example, a library to specify definitions for local MARC tags.
  • values supplied by the tag-table service are used to populate values in context menus in the web staff client MARC editor.

The initial seed data for the in-database tag table is derived from the current tooltips XML file.