Chapter 73. Barcode Completion

Table of Contents

Scoping and Permissions
Access Points
Multiple Matches
Barcode Completion Data Fields
Create, Update, Filter, Delete/Disable Rules
Create Rules
Update Rules
Filter Rules
Delete/Disable Rules
Barcode With Prefix and Padding
Barcode With Suffix
Barcode With Left Padding
Barcode With Right Padding
Barcode of any Length with Prefix and Suffix

The Barcode Completion feature gives users the ability to only enter the unique part of patron and item barcodes. This can significantly reduce the amount of typing required for manual barcode input. This feature was also known as Lazy Circ at one point.

This feature can also be used if there is a difference between what the barcode scanner outputs and what is stored in the database, as long as the barcode that is stored has more characters then what the scanner is outputting. Barcode Completion is additive only, you cannot use it match a stored barcode that has less characters than what is entered. For example, if your barcode scanners previously output a123123b and now exclude the prefix and suffix, you could match both formats using Barcode Completion rules.

Because this feature adds an extra database search for each enabled rule to the process of looking up a barcode, it can add extra delays to the check-out process. Please test in your environment before using in production.

Released: 2.2 - June 2012

Scoping and Permissions

Local Administrator permission is needed to access the admin interface of the Barcode Completion feature.

Each rule requires an owner org unit, which is how scoping of the rules is handled. Rules are applied for staff users with the same org unit or descendants of that org unit.