Chapter 72. Address Alert

Table of Contents

General Usage Examples
Access Control and Scoping
Adding a new Address Alert
Editing an Address Alert
Deleting an Address Alert
Staff View of Address Alerts
Regular Expressions / Wildcards

The Address Alert module gives administrators the ability to notify staff with a custom message when addresses with certain patterns are entered in patron records.

This feature only serves to provide pertinent information to your library system’s circulation staff during the registration process. An alert will not prevent the new patron account from being registered and the information will not be permanently associated with the patron account.

To access the Address Alert module, select AdminLocal AdministrationAddress Alerts.


You must have Local Administrator permissions or ADMIN_ADDRESS_ALERT permission to access the Address Alert module.

General Usage Examples

  • Alert staff when an address for a large apartment is entered to prompt them to ask for unit number.
  • Alert staff when the address of a hotel or other temporary housing is entered.
  • Alert staff when an address for a different country is entered.
  • Alert staff when a specific city or zip code is entered if that city or zip code needs to be handled in a special way. If you have a neighboring city that you don’t have a reciprocal relationship with, you could notify staff that a fee card is required for this customer.