Chapter 13. Selection Lists

Table of Contents

Create a selection list
Add items to a selection list
Clone selection lists
Merge selection lists
Delete selection lists
Mark Ready for Selector
Convert selection list to purchase order

Selection lists allow you to create, manage, and save lists of items that you may want to purchase. To view your selection list, click AcquisitionsMy Selection Lists. Use the general search to view selection lists created by other users.

Create a selection list

Selection lists can be created in four areas within the module. Selection lists can be created when you Add Brief Records, Upload MARC Order Records, or find records through the MARC Federated Search. In each of these interfaces, you will find the Add to Selection List field. Enter the name of the selection list that you want to create in that field.

Selection lists can also be created through the My Selection Lists interface:

  1. Click AcquisitionsMy Selection Lists.
  2. Click the New Selection List drop down arrow.
  3. Enter the name of the selection list in the box that appears.
  4. Click Create.
create selection list