Chapter 30. Place a Patron Request

  1. Go to Acquisitions → Patron Requests. This interface is scoped by Patron Home Library and will default to the library your workstation is registered to.

    1. Requests can also be placed directly through a patron account, in which case the interface will scope to the patron ID.

      Patron Requests Grid
  2. Click Create Request and a modal with the patron request form will appear.
  3. Create the request by filling out the following information:

    1. User Barcode (required): enter the barcode of the user that is placing the request
    2. User ID: this field will populate automatically when the User Barcode is entered
    3. Request Date/Time: this field will populate automatically
    4. Need Before Date/Time: if applicable, set the date and time after which the patron is no longer interested in receiving this title
    5. Place Hold?: check this box to place a hold on this title for this patron. Holds are placed when the bib and item record are created in the catalog as part of the acquisitions process.
    6. Pickup Library: pickup library for the hold. This field will default to the patron’s home library is the pickup library is not selected in the patron account.
    7. Notify by Email When Hold is Ready and Notify by Phone When Hold is Ready: preferences set in patron account will be used or can be set manually here.
    8. Request Type (required): type of material requested
    9. ISxN
    10. UPC
    11. Title
    12. Volume
    13. Author
    14. Publisher
    15. Publication Location
    16. Publication Date
    17. Article Title: option available if Request Type is “Articles”
    18. Article Pages: option available if Request Type is “Articles”
    19. Mentioned In
    20. Other Info
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the form.
Patron Requests Form