Chapter 44. Using Offline Circulation

The Offline Circulation interface can be found by navigating to Circulation → Offline Circulation.

The permanent link for the Offline Circulation is https://<yourhostname>/eg/staff/offline-interface and it is recommended that this link be bookmarked on staff workstations. This is the location for both entering transactions while offline as well as processing them later. You will see a slightly different version of this interface depending on whether or not you are logged in.

If you are logged out, you will see the tab default to Checkout and the button on the top-right will read Export Transactions.

Offline homepage logged out

If you are logged in, you will see an additional tab on the left for Session Management and this will be the default tab. The top-right button will read Download Block List.

Offline homepage logged in

If you are logged in and attempt to click on any tab other than Session Management, you will see a warning alerting you that you are about to enter offline mode.

Logout warning

This warning is not network-aware and it will appear regardless of network connection state. You must be logged out to record offline transactions. If you see this warning and wish to record offline transactions, click Proceed in order to log out.