Chapter 35. Title Level Hold


A default hold expiration date will be displayed if the library has set up a default holds expiration period in their library settings. Uncaptured holds will not be targeted after the expiration date.

If you select the Suspend this Hold checkbox, the hold will be suspended and not be captured until you activate it.

  1. To place a title level hold, retrieve the title record on the catalog and click the Place Hold link beside the title on the search results list, or click the Place Hold link on the title summary screen.

    Search Results with Place Hold link
  2. Scan or type patron’s barcode into the Place hold for patron by barcode box, or choose Place this hold for me.
  3. If this title contains multiple parts, you can specify which part to request. If you do not select a part, the hold will target any of the other copies on this record, that is, those with no parts attached. Those copies are usually the complete set, containing all the parts.
  4. Edit patron hold notification and expiration date fields as required. Be sure to choose a valid Pickup location.
  5. Click Submit.

    Place Holds screen with Basic Options
  6. A confirmation screen appears with the message "Hold was successfully placed".

    Place Holds confirmation screen

Advanced Hold Options

Clicking the Advanced Hold Options link will take you into the metarecord level hold feature, where you can select multiple formats and/or languages, if available.

Selecting multiple formats will not place all of these formats on hold. For example, selecting CD Audiobook and Book implies that either the CD format or the book format is the acceptable format to fill the hold. If no format is selected, then any of the available formats may be used to fill the hold. The same holds true for selecting multiple languages.

Place Hold screen with Advanced Options