To create a reservation from a booking resource

You need to know the barcode of the patron when you create a reservation for him/her from a booking resource.

1) From the Booking menu, select Create Reservations


2) Choose a Bookable Resource Type and click Next or enter the barcode of a catalogued resource and click Next.


3) For non-catalogued resources, a screen showing the Bookable Resource Type and the items associated with the type will appear.


For catalogued resources, the title and item will appear.

4) Enter the user’s barcode in the Reserve to patron barcode box. The user’s existing reservations, if any, will appear at the bottom of the screen.


5) Select the date and time for the reservation in I need this resource… area. Click the date field. A calendar widget will be displayed for you to choose a date. Click the time field to choose time from the dropdown list.



If incorrect date and time is selected, the date/time boxes will appear in red. For example, if the time for which the reservation is set has already passed, the boxes will appear in red. The times must be set correctly for the reservation to be created. There must be at least 15 minutes between the creation of the reservation and the start time of the reservation.

6) For non-catalogued resources, patrons may specify special feature(s), if any, of the resource. The With these attributes: allows you to do so. For example, if a patron is booking a laptop they can choose between PC and Mac and even choose a specific operating system if they need to. Click the dropdown arrow to select your option from the list.


7) Select the pickup location from the dropdown list.


8) If there are multiple copies of the resource and any item listed is acceptable, click Reserve Any. To choose a specific item, select it and then click Reserve Selected.


9) A message will confirm that the action succeeded. Click OK on the prompt.

10) The screen will refresh and the reservation will appear below the patron’s name at the bottom of the screen.