Retrieve Recent Patrons

Setting up Retrieve Recent Patrons

  • This feature must be configured in the Library Settings Editor (Administration → Local Administration → Library Settings Editor). The library setting is called "Number of Retrievable Recent Patrons" and is located in the Circulation settings group.

    • A value of zero (0) means no recent patrons can be retrieved.
    • A value greater than 1 means staff will be able to retrieve multiple recent patrons via a new Circulation → Retrieve Recent Patrons menu entry.
    • The default value is 1 for backwards compatibility. (The Circulation → Retrieve Last Patron menu entry will be available.)

Retrieving Recent Patrons

  • Once the library setting has been configured to a number greater than 1, the option Retrieve Recent Patrons will appear below the Retrieve Last patron option in the Circulation drop-down from the Menu Bar (Circulation → Retrieve Recent Patrons).
  • When selected, a grid will appear listing patrons accessed by that workstation in the current session. The length of the list will be limited by the value configured in the Library Settings Editor. If no patrons have been accessed, the grid will display "No Items To Display."