Merge/Overlay Profiles

If Evergreen finds a match for an incoming record in the database, you need to identify which fields should be replaced, which should be preserved, and which should be added to the record. Click the Merge/Overlay Profiles button to create a profile that contains this information.

You can use these profiles when importing records through the MARC Batch Importer or Acquisitions Load MARC Order Records interface.

You can create a new profile by clicking the New Merge Profile button. Available options for handling the fields include:

  1. Preserve specification - fields in the existing record that should be preserved.
  2. Replace specification - fields in existing record that should be replaced by those in the incoming record.
  3. Add specification - fields from incoming record that should be added to existing record (in addition to any already there.)
  4. Remove specification - fields that should be removed from incoming record.
  5. Update bib source - If this value is false, just the bibliographic data will be updated when you overlay a new MARC record. If it is true, then Evergreen will also update the record’s bib source to the one you select on import; the last edit date to the date the new record is imported, and the last editor to the person who imported the new record.

You can add multiple tags to the specification options, separating each tag with a comma.