Create, Update, Filter, Delete/Disable Rules

Barcode Completion Admin

In the Barcode Completion admin interface at AdministrationLocal AdministrationBarcode Completion you can create, update and disable rules.

Create Rules

To create a new rule click on the New button in the upper right corner. When you are are done with editing the new rule click the Save button. If you want to cancel the new rule creation click the Cancel button.

Update Rules

To edit a rule double click on the rule in the main list.

Filter Rules

It may be useful to filter the rules list if there are a large number of rules. Click on the filter link to bring up the Filter Results dialog box. You can filter on any of the data fields and you can setup multiple filter rules. Click Apply to enable the filter rules, only the rows that match will now be displayed.

To clear out the filter rules, delete all of the filter rules by clicking the X next to each rule, and then click Apply.

Delete/Disable Rules

It isn’t possible to delete a rule from the database from the admin interface. If a rule is no longer needed set Active to "False" to disable it. To keep the number of rules down, reuse inactive rules when creating new rules.