To checkin items in Offline Circulation:

  1. Click the Checkin tab.
  2. Ensure that the Due Date value is correct. It will default to today’s date.
  3. For each item to be checked in, scan the item’s barcode in the Item Barcode field. If you are typing the item barcode, click the Checkin button or hit the Enter key on your keyboard after each item barcode.
  4. To print a receipt, check the box labelled Print Receipt.
  5. Click Save Transactions in the upper-right of the screen when you are finished entering checkins.
Offline checkin

Note that existing pre-cataloged items can be checked in through the Offline interface, but they will generate an entry in the Exceptions list when offline transactions are uploaded and processed.

Items targeted for holds will be captured for their holds when the offline transactions are uploaded and processed; however, there will be no indication in the Exceptions list about this unless the item is also transiting.