Access Points

The admin interface for Barcode Completion is located under AdministrationLocal AdministrationBarcode Completion.

Barcode Completion Admin List

The barcode completion functionality is available at the following interfaces.

Check Out Step 1: Lookup Patron by Barcode

Patron Barcode Lookup for Checking Out

Check Out Step 2: Scanning Item Barcodes

Item Barcode at Check Out

Staff Client Place Hold from Catalog

Patron Barcode Lookup for Staff Placing Hold

Check In

Item Barcode at Check In

Item Status

Item Barcode at Item Status screen


Barcode completion is also available during check out if library setting "Load patron from Checkout" is set. (Automatically detects if an actor/user barcode is scanned during check out, and starts a new check out session using that user.)


Barcode Completion does not work in the Search for Patron [by Name] interface.