Search URL

When performing a search or clicking on the details links, Evergreen constructs a GET request url with the parameters of the search. The url for searches and details in Evergreen are persistent links in that they can be saved, shared and used later.

Here is a basic search URL structure:

[hostname]/eg/opac/results?query=[search term]&qtype=keyword&fi%3Aitem_type=&locg=[location id]

locg Parameter

This is the id of the search location. It is an integer and maches the id of the location the user selected in the location drop down menu.

qtype Parameter

The qtype parameter in the URL represents the search type values and represent one of the following search or request types:

  • Keyword
  • Title
  • Journal Title
  • Author
  • Subject
  • Series
  • Bib Call Number

These match the options in the search type drop-down box.


The sort parameter sorts the results on one of these criteria.

  • sort=pubdate (publication date) - chronological order
  • sort=titlesort - Alphabetical order
  • sort=authorsort - Alphabetical order on family name first

To change the sort direction of the results, the sort parameter value has the ".descending" suffix added to it.

  • sort=titlesort.descending
  • sort=authorsort.descending
  • sort=pubdate.descending

In the absence of the sort parameter, the search results default to sorting by relevance.