Evergreen 2.8.5

This release contains several bugfixes improving on Evergreen 2.8.4


  • Protects the stock acquisitions cancel reasons from deletion since they are required to properly handle EDI order responses.
  • Changes the copy location dropdown so that users can view and select copy locations owned outside the workstation branch if they have permission to do so. This fix also adds the copy location’s owning org unit to the display.


  • Allows use of more special characters, including - and +, when entering a library’s main email address in the Organizational Units editor.
  • Fixes an issue where marc_export attempts to call a non-existent field on MARC::Record if an error occurs while exporting authority records.


  • Fixes the mapping between copies and the target part when using "Merge Selected" in the Monographic Parts interface.
  • Fixes an issue with the horizontal scrollbar bar in the MARC import queue inspector so the focus no longer jumps to the top of the screen when attempting to use the scrollbar.
  • Hides the staff-client saved searches header from screen readers when using the public catalog in non-staff mode.


  • When placing a hold via the staff client and clicking Advanced Hold Options, fixes an issue where the barcode formfield populated with the staff member’s barcode.
  • Fixes an issue where some holds with a higher proximity were preferred over holds with a lower proximity because the list of proximities of elgible copies was sorting ASCIIbetically instead of numerically.
  • Adds a delete flag for monographic parts, fixes staff client errors that were previously caused by deleted parts, and cancels any holds attached to those deleted parts.
  • Fixes an internal error that appeared when trying to renew an item on the booking resource list through the public catalog. Users will now get a message saying they do not have permission to renew the item.

Public Catalog

  • Fixes an issue where unclosed phrase searches returned zero results and tied up the open-ils.storage process.
  • Fixes an issue where phrase searches were ignoring modifiers used in relevance ranking, leading to poorly-ranked results.
  • Fixes an issue where parameters weren’t properly maintained when searching by copy location group.


  • Adds support for UTF-8 in the Reports interface.