Adding a new Address Alert

How to add an address to the alert list:

  1. Log into the Evergreen Staff Client using a Local Administrator account or another account that has been granted the proper permission.
  2. Click on Admin → Local Administration → Address Alerts.
  3. Click "New Address Alert."
  4. A form will open with the following fields to fill out:

    Table 63.1. New Address Alert Fields




    Which Org Unit owns this alert. Set this to your system or branch.


    Check-box that controls if the alert is active or not. Inactive alerts are not processed.

    Match All Fields

    Check-box that controls if all the fields need to match to trigger the alert(checked), or only at least one field needs to match(unchecked).

    Alert Message

    Message that will be displayed to staff when this alert is triggered.

    Street (1)

    Street 1 field regular expression.

    Street (2)

    Street 2 field regular expression.


    City regular expression.


    County regular expression.


    State regular expression.


    County regular expression.

    Postal Code

    Postal Code regular expression.

    Address Alert ID

    Displays the internal database id for alert after the alert has been saved.

    Billing Address

    Check-box that specifies that the alert will only match a billing address if checked.

    Mailing Address

    Check-box that specifies that the alert will only match a mailing address if checked.

  5. Click save once you have finished.