Part VII. Acquisitions

Table of Contents

71. Acquisitions
Acquisitions Workflow
72. Selection Lists and Purchase Orders
Selection Lists
Create a selection list
Add items to a selection list
Clone selection lists
Merge selection lists
Delete selection lists
Mark Ready for Selector
Convert selection list to purchase order
Purchase Orders
Duplicate Purchase Order Name Warning Dialog
Activate Purchase Order with Zero Copies
Enhancements to Canceled and Delayed Items
Brief Records
Add brief records to a selection list
Add brief records to purchase orders
MARC Federated Search
Line Items
Return to Line Item
Display a Count of Existing Copies on Selection List and Purchase Order Lineitems
73. Invoices
Creating invoices and adding line items
Creating a blanket invoice
Adding line items from a Purchase Order or search results screen to an invoice
Search for line items from an invoice
Create an invoice for a purchase order
Link an existing invoice to a purchase order
Electronic Invoicing
View an invoice
Receive Items From an Invoice
Receive Items in Batch (List Mode)
Receive Specific Copies (Numeric Mode)
74. Load MARC Order Records
Basic Upload Options
Record Matching Options
Default Upload Settings
Sticky Settings
Use Cases for MARC Order Upload form