Part XIII. Web Client Preview

Table of Contents

133. Introduction
134. Using the Web Client
Logging into Evergreen
Setting Browser Defaults for Web Client
Logging Out
Tab Browser-Based Tab Buttons and Keyboard Shortcuts
Setting New Tab Behavior
135. Circulation
Circulating Items
Check Out
Check In
Renewal and Editing the Item’s Due Date
Marking Items Lost and Claimed Returned
In-house Use
Item Status
Mark an Item Long Overdue
Circulation - Patron Record
Searching Patrons
Registering New Patrons
Patron Self-Registration
Updating Patron Information
Renewing Library Cards
Lost Library Cards
Resetting Patron’s Password
Barring a Patron
Barred vs. Blocked
Staff-Generated Messages
Patron Alerts
Patron Notes
Staff-Generated Penalties/Messages
136. Cataloging
Cataloging in the Web Client
MARC Tag-table Service
Section X - Copy Buckets
Managing Copy Buckets
Adding Copies to a Bucket
Removing Copies from a Bucket
Editing Copies in a Bucket
Deleting Copies from the Catalogue
Placing Holds on Copies in a Bucket
Transferring Copies to Volumes