Part VI. System Administration From the Staff Client

Table of Contents

58. Introduction
59. Acquisitions Administration
Acquisitions Settings
Cancel/Delay reasons
Create a cancel/delay reason
Delete a custom cancel/delay reason
Create a claim policy
Create a claim type
Create a claim event type
Create a claim policy action
Currency Types
Create a currency type
Edit a currency type
Distribution Formulas
Create a distribution formula
Edit a distribution formula
Electronic Data Interchange
Entering SANs (Standard Address Numbers)
Create an EDI Account
EDI Messages
Exchange Rates
Create an exchange rate
Edit an exchange rate
MARC Federated Search
Fund Tags
Funding Sources
Create a funding source
Allocate credits to funding sources
Allocate credits to funds
Track debits and credits
Create a fund
Allocate credits from funding sources to funds
Transfer credits between funds
Track balances and expenditures
Fund reporting
Edit a fund
Perform fiscal year close-out operation
Invoice menus
Invoice item type
Invoice payment method
Line Item Features
Create a line item alert
Line item MARC attribute definitions
Create a provider
Add contact and holdings information to providers
Edit a provider
60. Age hold protection
Active date display in OPAC
61. Authorities
Authority Control Sets
Add a Control Set
Add a Thesaurus
Authority Fields
Create an Authority Field
Browse Axes
Create a new Browse Axis
62. Best-Hold Selection Sort Order
Preconfigured Best-Hold Orders
Create a New Best-Hold Selection Sort Order
Edit an Existing Best-Hold Selection Sort Order
Choosing the Best-Hold Selection Sort Order
Permissions to use this Feature
63. Booking Module Administration
Creating Bookable Non-Bibliographic Resources
Create New Resource Type
Create New Resource Attribute
Create New Resource Attribute Value
Create New Resource
Map Resource Attributes and Values to Resources
Editing Non-Bibliographic Resources
Editing Resource Types
Deleting Non-bibliographic Resources
64. Call Number Prefixes and Suffixes
Configure call number prefixes
Configure call number suffixes
Apply Call Number Prefixes and Suffixes
65. Circulation Limit Sets
Maximum Checkout by Copy Location
66. Copy Status
Adding Copy Statuses
Deleting Copy Statuses
Editing Copy Statuses
67. Floating Groups
Floating Groups
Floating Group Members
Org Unit
Stop Depth
Max Depth
Float Everywhere
Float Within System
Float To All Branches
Float To All Branches Within System
Float Between BR1 and BR3
Float Everywhere Except BM1
Float into, but not out of, BR2
68. MARC Import Remove Fields
Create a MARC Import Remove Fields profile
Import Options
Permissions to use this Feature
69. MARC Record Attributes
Multi Valued Fields and Composite Record Attributes
Multi Valued Fields
Composite Record Attributes
Coded Value Maps
Composite Attribute Entry Definitions
Search and Icon Formats
70. Org Unit Proximity Adjustments
Org Unit Proximity Adjustments
Absolute and Relative Adjustments
Create an Org Unit Proximity Adjustment
Permissions to use this Feature
71. User and Group Permissions
Staff Accounts
Staff Account Permissions
Granting Additional Permissions
72. SMS Text Messaging
Administrative Setup
Enable Text Messages
Authenticate Patrons
Configure SMS Carriers
Configure Text Message Templates
Receiving Holds Notices via Text Message
Sending Copy Details via Text Message
73. User Activity Types
Enabling this Feature
Using this Feature
74. Z39.50 Servers
Restrict Z39.50 Sources by Permission Group
Administrative Settings
Restrict Z39.50 Sources by Permission Group
Storing Z39.50 Server Credentials