Part VII. Local Administration

Table of Contents

75. Introduction
76. Library Settings Editor
Editing Library Settings
Exporting/Importing Library Settings
Settings Overview
Data Types
77. Address Alert
General Usage Examples
Access Control and Scoping
Adding a new Address Alert
Editing an Address Alert
Deleting an Address Alert
Staff View of Address Alerts
Regular Expressions / Wildcards
78. Barcode Completion
Scoping and Permissions
Access Points
Multiple Matches
Barcode Completion Data Fields
Create, Update, Filter, Delete/Disable Rules
Create Rules
Update Rules
Filter Rules
Delete/Disable Rules
Barcode With Prefix and Padding
Barcode With Suffix
Barcode With Left Padding
Barcode With Right Padding
Barcode of any Length with Prefix and Suffix
79. Hold-driven recalls
Enabling hold-driven recalls
Editing the item recall notification email template
80. Notifications / Action Triggers
Event Definitions
Table 1: Action Trigger Event Definitions
Creating Action Triggers
Cloning Existing Action Triggers
Editing Action Triggers
Deleting Action Triggers
Processing Action Triggers
81. Recent Staff Searches
82. Standing Penalties
83. Statistical Categories Editor
84. Work Log
Expanding the Work Log