Part XI. Circulation

Table of Contents

112. Introduction
113. Circulating Items
Check Out (F1)
Regular Items
Pre-cataloged Items
Due Dates
Check In (F2)
Regular check in
Backdated check in
Backdate Post-Checkin
Checkin Modifiers
Renewal and Editing the Item’s Due Date
Renewing via a Patron’s Account
Renewing by Item Barcode
Editing Due Date
Marking Items Lost and Claimed Returned
Lost Items
Refunding and Clearing Negative Balances
Claimed Returned Items
Enhancements to Items Out
Mark an Item Long Overdue
In-house Use (F6)
Item Status (F5)
Checking item status
Viewing past circulations
Marking items damaged or missing and other functions
Item alerts
114. Holds Management
Placing Holds
Holds Levels
Title Level Hold
Parts Level Hold
Placing Holds in Patron Records
Placing Multiple Holds on Same Title
Managing Holds
Actions for Selected Holds
Transferring Holds
Cancelled Holds
Viewing Details & Adding Notes to Holds
Displaying Queue Position
Managing Holds in Title Records
Retargeting Holds
Pulling & Capturing Holds
Handling Missing and Damaged Item
Holds Notification Methods
Clearing Shelf-Expired Holds
Alternate Hold Pick up Location
Display Hold Types on Pull Lists
115. Booking Module
Creating a Booking Reservation
To create a reservation from a patron record
To create a reservation from a booking resource
Search the catalogue to create a reservation
Reservation Pull List
Capturing Items for Reservations
Picking Up Reservations
Returning Reservations
Cancelling a Reservation
Cancel a reservation from the patron record
Cancel a reservation on reservation creation screen
116. Circulation - Patron Record
Searching Patrons
Registering New Patrons
New Patron Duplicate Search
Patron Self-Registration
Updating Patron Information
Renewing Library Cards
Lost Library Cards
Resetting Patron’s Password
Barring a Patron
Barred vs. Blocked
Staff-Generated Messages
Patron Alerts
Patron Notes
Staff-Generated Penalties/Messages
Add a Message
Modify a Message
Archive a Message
Remove a Message
Patron Message Center
Creating a Patron Message in the Patron Account
Creating a Patron Message using Action Triggers
Managing Patron Messages in the Staff Client
Viewing Patron Messages in the OPAC
Merging Patron Records
Bills and Payments
The Bills Interface
Making Payments
Patron Credits
Void vs. Forgive vs. Adjustment
Forgiving Bills
Voiding Bills
Adjusting Bills to Zero
Adding New “Grocery” Bills
Negative Balances on Patron Accounts
Bill History
117. Triggered Events and Notices
Access and View
118. Offline Transactions
Patron Registration
Checking Out Items
In-house Use
Check In
Uploading Offline Transactions
Creating an Offline Session
Uploading Workstation Transactions to a Session
Processing the Transactions
119. Self checkout
Initializing the self check
Setting library hours of operation
Configuring self check behavior
Basic Check Out
View Items Out
View Holds
View Fines
120. RFID Product Integration
Evergreen Integration with PV Supa GoodStuff RFID Reader