Evergreen uses tabs to display functions. Tabs allow all software functionality to be open in one window. You can have up to 9 tabs open at once and you can have more than one tab of a single function open at the same time. You simply move through the tabs to perform your work.

Keyboard shortcuts for working with tabs:

  • Ctrl+T new tab

  • Ctrl+W   close tab

  • Ctrl+Shift+W   close all tabs

  • Ctrl+Tab   tabs forward through open tabs

  • Ctrl+Shift+Tab   tabs backward through open tabs

In the example below, the MARC Template tab is active. Click on any open tab to bring that screen to the front. You can also use Ctrl+Tab to move to the required tab

Now the Check Out tab is the active screen.

Once you are in the selected tab, you can use the drop down menus or keyboard shortcuts to perform required functions. Menu functions and corresponding keyboard shortcuts will be demonstrated throughout this manual.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Most menu items have keyboard shorcuts that can greatly increase efficiency. Below is a selected list of commonly used shortcut keys:

F1 Checkout, or retrieve patron record by barcode
F2 Checkin
F3 Catalogue search
F4 Patron search
F5 Retrieve copy by barcode
F6 Record in house use
F8 Retreive last patron
F9 Re-print the last receipt
Shift+F1 Register new patron
Shift+F2 Capture holds
Shift+F3 Retrieve record by TCN
Shift+F8 Retreive last patron
Ctrl+T Open new tab
Ctrl+W Close current tab
Ctrl+Tab Move forward through tabs
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Move back through tabs
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+V Paste


There are several methods of copying and pasting text in Evergreen, depending on where you are in the staff client and the type of information you are copying

  1. Underlined blue text.  Clicking on any of the blue links in the Evergreen client copies the data to the computer clipboard (left and right click work the same way for these links). To paste into another location, use Ctrl+V.

  2. Text displayed in tables.  To copy information from a staff client table, first select the desired row then right-click and choose Copy to Clipboard; alternatively select Actions for Selected ItemsCopy to Clipboard.

    Next click the desired information in the popup to copy it to the clipboard

  3. Text from catalogue search results.  There is no right-click menu for copying data from staff client search results. To copy the ISBN in the example below, highlight it and click Ctrl+C. To paste into another location use Ctrl+V.