Schema search

Table: relevance_adjustment


field name : datatype -- parameters, contraints and notes
id : serial -- PRIMARY KEY,
active : boolean -- NOT NULL, DEFAULT true,
field : integer -- NOT NULL, REFERENCES config.metabib_field.
bump_type : text -- NOT NULL,
multiplier : numeric -- NOT NULL, DEFAULT 1.0,


relevance_adjustment_bump_type_check : CHECK ((bump_type = ANY (ARRAY['word_order'::text, 'first_word'::text, 'full_match'::text])))


Function Properties
Language: SQL
Return Type: SET OF anyelement

query_parser_fts(staff integer, metarecord integer, param_limit text, param_check integer[], param_offset integer[], param_locations integer, param_statuses integer, param_query integer, param_depth boolean, param_search_ou boolean)

Function Properties
Language: PLPGSQL
Return Type: SET OF search_result