Chapter 9. System Requirements and Hardware Configurations

Table of Contents

Server Minimum Requirements
Server Hardware Configurations and Clustering
Staff Client Requirements

Evergreen is extremely scalable and can serve the need of a large range of libraries. The specific requirements and configuration of your system should be determined based on your specific needs of your organization or consortium.

Server Minimum Requirements

The following are the base requirements setting Evergreen up on a test server:

  • An available desktop, server or virtual image

  • 1GB RAM, or more if your server also runs a graphical desktop

  • Linux Operating System

  • Ports 80 and 443 should be opened in your firewall for TCP connections to allow OPAC and staff client connections to the Evergreen server.


Debian and Ubuntu are the most widely used Linux distributions for installing Evergreen and most development takes place on Debian based systems. If you are new to Linux, it is strongly recommended that you install Evergreen on the latest stable server edition of Debian ( or Ubuntu 10.04 Server( since the installation instructions have been tested on these distributions. Debian and Ubuntu are free distributions of Linux.