Appendix C. Getting More Information

This documentation is just one way to learn about Evergreen and find solutions to Evergreen challenges. Below is a list of many other resources to help you find answers to almost any question you might have.

Evergreen Wiki - Loads of information and the main portal to the Evergreen community.

Evergreen mailing lists - These are excellent for initiating questions. There are several lists including:

Evergreen Blog - Great for getting general news and updates about Evergreen. It is also an interesting historical read with entries dating back to the early beginnings of Evergreen.

Evergreen IRC channel - Allows live chat. Many developers hang out here and will try to field technical questions. This is often the quickest way to get a solution to a specific problem. Just remember that while the channel is open 24/7, there are times when no one is available in the channel. The most active times for the IRC channel seem to be weekday afternoons (Eastern Standard Time). There is also an archive of logs from the chat sessions available on the IRC page.

Evergreen related community blogs - Evergreen related blog entries from the community.

Resource Sharing Cooperative of Evergreen Libraries (RSCEL) - Provides some technical documents and a means for the Evergreen community to collaborate with other libraries.

List of current Evergreen libraries - Locate other libraries who are using Evergreen.