Restart the affected services to see the new data source in the reporter

The following steps are needed to for Evergreen to recognize the changes to fm_IDL.xml

  1. Copy the updated fm_IDL.xml Update /openils/conf/fm_IDL.xml to /openils/var/web/reports/fm_IDL.xml

    cp /openils/conf/fm_IDL.xml /openils/var/web/reports/fm_IDL.xml
  2. Run Autogen to to update the Javascript versions of the fieldmapper definitions.

  3. Restart C services -l -a restart_c
  4. Restart the Evergreen reporter. You may need to modify this command depending on your system configuration and pid path -l -action restart -service open-ils.reporter \
    -config /openils/conf/opensrf_core.xml -pid-dir /openils/var/run
  5. Restart the Evergreen application or use Admin, For Developers, Clear Cache