Load Catalog Record IDs

The Load Catalog Record IDs function enables you to create line items from a list of catalog records whose record IDs are saved in a CSV file.

This would be useful if you want to batch order copies of items that your organization already owns. For example, after gathering a list of needed titles from your OPAC through a report, save the record IDs into a CSV file, upload the file into the ILS, and create a purchase order for the items.

  1. Create a CSV file with the record ID of each catalog record in the first column of the spreadsheet. You can create this CSV file from a spreadsheet generated by a report, as suggested in the aforementioned example. You can also copy and paste record IDs from the catalog record into the CSV file.


    Record IDs are auto-generated digits associated with each record. They are found in the Record Summary that appears at the top of each record.

  2. Save the CSV file to your computer.

  3. Click AcquisitionsLoad Catalog Record IDs.

  4. Click Load More Terms.

  5. The screen will display the number of terms (record IDs) that have been loaded.

  6. Click Retrieve Records. The records will appear as line items to which you can add copies, notes, and pricing information. Use the Actions menu to save these items to a selection list or purchase order.