Appendix B. About this Documentation

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About the Documentation Interest Group (DIG)
How to Participate

About the Documentation Interest Group (DIG)

The Evergreen DIG was established in May 2009 at the first Evergreen International Conference, where members of the Evergreen community committed to developing single-source, standards-based documentation for Evergreen. Since then, the DIG has been actively working toward that goal.

Table B.1. Evergreen DIG Participants

Hilary Caws-ElwittSusquehanna County Library
Karen CollierKent County Public Library
Shannon DineenSITKA
George DuimovichNRCan Library
Sally FortinEquinox Software
Wolf HaltonLyrasis
Catherine LemmerIndiana State Library
June Rayner eiNetwork
Tara RobertsonN/A
Rod SchiffmanAlpha-G Consulting
Steve SheppardOpen
Ben ShumBibliomation
Roni ShwaisheiNetwork
Robert SoulliereMohawk College
Tim SpindlerC/W MARS
Lindsay StrattonPioneer Library System
Yamil SuarezBerklee College of Music
Jenny TurnerPALS
Repke de VriesInternational Institute for Social History
Tigran ZargaryanFundamental Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences