Link line items to the catalog

You can link a MARC record or brief record on a selection list to the corresponding MARC record in the catalog. This may be useful for librarians who have a brief MARC record in their catalog and want to import a better record that is attached to their selection list. No collision detection exists when importing an item into the selection list or catalog, so the link to catalog option enables you to search for a matching record and link to it from the selection list or purchase order. When you import the record from the purchase order, the record will overlay the linked record in the catalog.

  1. From the line item, click Link to catalog.

  2. In the text box that pops up, search terms, such as ISBN and title, are entered by default.

  3. Click Search.

  4. Result(s) appear. Click the link to View MARC, or Select the record to link it to the record on the selection list or purchase order.

  5. The screen will reload, and the line item displays with a catalog link. The records are linked.